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About Us


Rainmakers Media is a direct marketing and advertising agency specializing in direct mail marketing & advertising services, printing, and multi-channel marketing campaigns via voice, digital, social, television, and radio. With over 18 years of success in lead generation for telesales and call center based sales organizations, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry, combined with the experience and insights on what is working, we deliver returns in niche industries that other agencies cannot. Based on the economies of scale, and overall volume in which we print and mail, we are super competitive across the board when it comes to direct mail campaign pricing, and multi-channel marketing solutions. Based in South Florida, with clients nationwide.

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We specialize in creative direct mail printing, marketing & advertising for Automotive, Finance, Travel, and various niche businesses. Working with auto dealers, direct lenders & ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations), and handling printing and direct mailing jobs for ad agencies nationwide.

Targeted Direct Mail and Creative Print

Graphic Design

  • Graphic design of your custom creative (mail piece) to completely tie in your brand, combined with strong call to action to entice your target market to respond.

Offset & Digital Printing

  • Digital printing for variable data
  • Offset printing for custom mail jobs

Custom PURLs (Personalized URLs)

  • Custom build & design of landing pages specifically to track online response to your direct mail campaign via PURLs 

Custom Proprietary Web Based Tracking

  • Complete access to our custom Workflow web based system. With the ability to view and approve any and all aspects of your mail job prior to and after direct mail printing along with real time tracking of mail movement and analytics of campaigns performance.

Variable Data Printing & Match Mailing Services

  • We include all NCOA (National Change of Address) data cleanse prior to each mail drop/campaign
  • Variable data printing & mailing
  • Match mailing / make & model Imaging for various dealer promotional campaigns 

Multi-Channel Marketing, Rainmakers Media Marketing for Automotive, Multimedia Marketing, Telesales


Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

RVM (Ringless Voicemail)

  • With the Addition of RVMs we are able to hit your target market at the same time your direct mail campaign is hitting mailboxes, generating a higher response rate (above industry / vertical average) enabling our clients to move more units over the curb. With our extensive experience in Lead Generation combining targeted data with creative printing & direct mail, we are the go to for auto dealers, small business lenders / funders, and mortgage brokers alike.

Social Media Marketing

  • Rainmakers stays on the cutting edge and front lines of Social Media Marketing. With over 50% of consumers viewing Social Content & Websites via their cell phones and other handheld devices, it is imperative these days that your business is socially involved and visible in order to compete for clients, and build an online brand with credibility. 

Television & Radio

  • Contact us for further info on CPM pricing

Campaign Verticals 

  • Working Capital
  • Business Loans
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Treatment Centers / Rehab / Addiction

Website Build & Design

  • Website design & re-design services
  • Desktop & mobile SEO optimized
  • Payment gateways
  • Built for business owners, with simple user operation and updates

Landing Page Build & Design

  • Custom Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Contact us for additional details, many options, and affordable website pricing.

We have Pay Per Call campaigns available in some verticals.

Contact us for more info on Pay Per Call campaigns, and Radio & Television CPM pricing & spots.

Lead Generation

Telesales Lead Generation, Rainmakers, Leadpro, Call Center Leads


Rainmakers Leads


Live Lead Generation for telesales & call center based sales operations in the following verticals.

  • MCA (Merchant Cash Advance)
  • Working Capital
  • Business Loans
  • Mortgage - Refi - Reverse
  • Promotional Travel
  • Final Expense
  • Insurance

Live Transfer Leads




Pre-Qualified Live Transfer Leads for the following verticals

  • MCA / Merchant Cash Advance
  • Working Capital & Business Loans 
  • Promotional Travel / Cruises
  • Health Insurance 
  • Residential Solar
  • Mortgage

Social media marketing


Social Media Management & Marketing

  • Daily / Weekly Management of Social Media Platforms
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase In Following of Target Market
  • Daily / Weekly Targeted Posts 
  • Target Market Impressions
  • Content / Ad Creation and Management of Paid Campaigns


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